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RF Shielded Chamber Manufacturer, RF Shielded Enclosure, RF Shielded Test Chambers

    An RF shielded enclosure is basically a shielded room lined on all internal surfaces with a metallic skin to shield against radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic interference. We are RF shielded chamber manufacturer in India using prefabricated panels clamped within a steel framework. RF enclosures/ Rf shielded test chamber can also be manufactured by overlaying the internal surfaces of a room with copper or aluminium foil. All power cabling entering an RF shielded chamber must pass through filters and air flow into the enclosure is provided via honeycomb waveguide air vents.

    As a manufacturer and installer of RF shielding, RF shielded rooms and anechoic chambers, Ecotone has experience in carrying out shielding projects of any size.RF noise-free environments and RF noise configurations are important for many applications, including EMC / EMI testing, safety, security, and regulatory compliance. With thousands of shielded Chambers & anechoic chambers supplied globally in hospitals, government agencies, data centers, testing laboratories and private organizations, we can be sure that we have the necessary expertise and capabilities.

    RF shielded enclosure or RF shielded test chambers are important for many applications including EMC / EMI testing, security, safety and regular testing of productas. With thousands of shielded chambers and anechoic chambers supplied globally to hospitals, government agencies, data centers, test labs and private organizations, you can be sure that we have the expertise and capabilities required. Weare RF shielded chamber manufacturer in India and do all customized work as per the need.

  • Modular Shielded enclosures are designed to meet the Shielding requirements.
  • These can be dismantled & relocated to some other space for reuse.
  • Shielded panels bolted together & Gasket is used to avoid any RF Leakage between two panels.
  • Provide shielding effectiveness from 60 dB to 100 dB based on requirement.
  • Available in wide range & customized manufacturing based on client requirements.
Applications for RF shielded rooms are:-
  • RF shield data center (MER Room).
  • Conference hall and crisis control centers.
  • Amplifier & Control shielded rooms of Test.
  • In Reverberation chambers
  • Semi Anechoic chambers
  • MRI Shield Rooms

    Two mm thick, galvanized sheet steel has proved to be the most suitable for high performance shielding. Depending on the requirements, the shielding surface can be made into modular prefabricated panels. When we request for special purposes such as architectural, copper and textile shielding, we use other materials and techniques. The fully integrated system includes several shielding components such as panels, doors, honeycomb, windows, access panels, electrical filters and a large range of shielding entry elements for all types of media interfaces.

    Many of these components require a ductile, stable, and long-lasting RF-tight joint to shield themselves. For this purpose, Ecotone have developed an RF mesh capable of performing from several kHz to 40 GHz. The individual components are developed with the focus of achieving superb electromagnetic shielding performance with the understanding that the extent of effectiveness would be determined by the weakest component.

Frequency (KHz/MHz/GHz) Field  Attenuation(dB)
10 kHz  Magnetic  55 dB
14 kHz  Magnetic  60 dB
200 kHz to 1 MHz  Magnetic  100 dB
14 kHz to 400 MHz  Electric  100 dB
400 MHz to 1 GHz   Plane Wave  100 dB
1 GHz to 10 GHz  Plane Wave 100 dB
10 GHz to 18 GHz Microwave 100 dB
18 GHz to 40 GHz Microwave 100 dB