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List of Components: Add excel RF tech products / KK Nanotech / Pioneer EMC
  • Antennas are selected on basis of gain, directionality & Bandwidth.
  • These are categorized as dipole, monopole, patch, center- fed, end-fed.
  • It is a device which converts electric currents into electromagnetic waves for transmission & reception.
Length of antenna is determined as :-
where, λ = wavelength in meters
c = speed of light (meters per second)
f = frequency in Hz
Antennas – Patch Antennas; Array Antennas; Omni directional Antennas; Yagi Uda Antennas; Dual Band Antennas; Horn Antennas


  • We supply Waveguide Attenuators, Flexible Waveguides, Waveguide Terminations, Tee Junctions, Flanges, Waveguide couplers & all similar.
  • Found applications in Aerospace & communication Industries & Military Radars.
  • Customized as per clients requirement.


  • RF Cables assemblies include BNC, SMA, TNC, N type, SMB, MCX, UHF connectors & adapters.
  • Used where demand of low signal loss.
  • Applicable in aerospace, Instrumentation & communication industries.
  • Customized as per clients requirement.