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RF Chamber Manufacturer | RF Anechoic Chambers in India

    We design, manufacturer and install all types of RF anechoic chambers in India that make specifications accurate to many industries and fit for the required applications. The anechoic chambers is a specific type of room, completely free of sound recombination. And any sound projected into the room at any frequency, is completely absorbed. The anechoic chamber is a shielded chamber containing absorbed materials applied to walls, ceilings and floors. Chambers can be table-top size enclosures, but are usually room-size enclosures where engineers can enter and work and we are leading anechoic chamber manufacturer in India. So why would anyone go to this trouble? Because antenna testing has many benefits!

      RF Anechoic Chamber Design

        These chambers are constructed with noise attracting the external structures of the modular panels and all internal surfaces are lined with PU wedges foam. It has constructed working floors with swinging floor sections to support heavy test specimens above the edges of the floor. It is originally designed to suppress the internal. Used for sound reflection and acoustic measurement.

        The effectiveness of an RF anechoic chamber is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed anaerobic chamber provides better than 80dB rejection from 20 kHz to 80H. So you go indoors, in a room with no windows, with the lights off. In this "dark room", all the seen light is from your flashlight under test. The room is shielded against outside light, just as the metal walls of the anechoic chamber shield our devices from radio signals. Inside the chamber, only radio frequency (RF) waves from the antenna or transmitter under test are measurable. This would be the perfect solution, if it wasn't for a problem ... reflection!

        Flashlight comparison

          We often describe the functionality of an RF anechoic chambers with a comparison of the following torches. Imagine that your task was to "pattern" a flashlight. In other words, your job is to measure and create where the device light shines, where it is not, and where the light goes. This may sound intuitive, and that's because nature has equipped us with eyes, very sophisticated built-in light sensors. We are only used to "see" the light and its patterns, so it is easy to imagine the flashlight's pattern. However, we cannot see radio energy, so we have to measure it with radio receivers and antennas. Fortunately, the hype is very similar, so keep imagining the light from the flashlight. Now let's go back to our work. You start the job and quickly discover that your light meter reading is being interfered with the sun. On a sunny day, your light meter is picking up too much sunlight, and confuses that with flashlight lights. You need "preservation".


            Imagine the room you just chose, fitted with mirrors. It is still a "dark room" and is fully shielded from the light outside. However, mirrored wall / ceiling / floor reflections will cause chaos with your flashlight measurements. What can be done? You decide to paint on mirror walls, floors and ceilings with a flat black paint. A paint so black that you cannot see it, one that absorbs all light. Now you have an optical anechoic chamber. The light bouncing off the mirror is like an echo, and echo means without echoes. Now your flashlight appears in free-space under test. Sharp tips on the absorber prevent RF waves from closing, allowing the waves to slowly transition from the air into the harmless carbon inside the foam. This gradual cone from tip to core is the secret of RF absorber. The amount of RF that bounces off the walls of the anechoic chamber is usually 0.1% to 1% (-30 to -20 dB) of the original wave. The low level of reflections in our chamber allows

            Industrial Applications:-

              we are RF anechoic chamber manufacturer in India and desgin for the applications that require precision-level acoustic measurements need to optimize product design and performance of Loudspeakers, Microphones , Cell Phones , Information Technology Equipment , Automobile Components.

            • 775 Watt/m2 Power Handling.
            • Comply NRL 8093 standards.
            • ROHS Compliance & Long performance Warranty.